Our added value

From the very first contact we accompany our clients in their reflections. So we always work in made-to-measure mode based on needs and available budget. In order to offer our clients the best possible experience, we have defined a number of services that offer them added value.



  • As a manager you want to be able to focus 100% on your core activities.
  • So you need to be able to rely on your ICT infrastructure without having to become an ICT expert.
  • Moreover, we think it's crucial for you to be able to rely on an ICT environment that helps you to be efficient in supporting and improving your business activities.
  • It's usually very difficult to attract and train the right and the most competent employees for your ICT department.

Which is why BKM-Orange gladly relieves you of this task. You can count on us as your sole partner for your complete ICT environment. We support you in this digital acceleration and help you make the difference in the market.


  • We always start each project off with a thorough analysis of your existing infrastructure and current and future needs.
  • Based on this we propose solutions that are 100% attuned to your business environment.
  • Each one of our ICT experts is specialised in his or her own field and will help you formulate clear objectives.
  • This means that you can be sure that at the end of the process you will achieve the best possible results that match your expectations.


  • Implementing new solutions requires knowledge and skill.
  • We ensure fast and efficient implementation, respecting your budget and deadlines and in cooperation with our team of project managers.
  • Before the start of a project our Project Manager will visit you to draw up a report together, with all the specifications for your facility. This document ensures that our engineers can start the project properly prepared.
  • Furthermore your needs and requirements are clearly indicated in this report and misunderstandings are avoided.
  • At the same time the implementation of new technologies often also requires a learning curve for the end user.
  • In order to be able to make optimal use of the new solution, our professional trainers offer your employees the possibility of making themselves familiar with the use of the new devices and applications. This can take place at our offices in groups or in a more personalised way at your offices.

Yo can always count on our team of ICT experts, before, during and after the implementation of your project.


To keep your ICT infrastructure stable, fast and efficient and to maximise the benefits, proper management is a must. Our specialists can shoulder this entire burden, or just part of it. You can order à la carte from a wide range of support services, guaranteed by the expertise of our ICT specialists. You can choose the service level agreement (SLA) that best suits you.


    These are our care services in a nutshell:

    • Access to the call desk
    • 24/7 proactive monitoring
    • Monthly reports with trend analysis of your ICT infrastructure
    • Remote control software to take over your systems and devices remotely
    • Troubleshooting advice: in case of a problem, it is quickly linked to the correct knowledge base article whereby the resolution time is reduced to a minimum
    • Licences for anti-virus and anti-malware (if applicable)
    • Whitelisting for patch downloads: all Microsoft security patches are controlled
    • Service review meetings: based on our trend analysis of your infrastructure, we will discuss with you our recommendations to achieve an up-to-date and efficient operation
    • Proactive maintenance: to always keep your infrastructure running in optimal conditions, together with a network operations centre, we guarantee proactive management of your ICT infrastructure
    • Incident management: in the Gold 8x5 formula, we are ready to resolve any problems with your back-office infrastructure during business hours, 5 days a week. In the Gold 24x7 formula that is even extended to 7 days per week, day and night.