Who are we?

BKM-Orange is an ICT service provider within the Orange Belgium group. Our passionate people have the expertise needed to inspire and guide companies and organisations and provide them with ICT solutions and services.

We make sure that our customers are able to work efficiently thanks to reliable connectivity, with the right collaboration tool and in a secure and stable IT environment.

Our values

Within BKM-Orange we want to be TOP. A TOP company to work for, with a TOP atmosphere among TOP colleagues and a TOP partner for our customers and suppliers. So it is vital that everyone understands our TOP values and puts them into practice. Then we can proudly say: At BKM-Orange, we are TOP!


Trust is the basis of any successful partnership. We work transparently and honestly, which requires open communication, a positive culture and respect for each other.


We put our back into every project and work it all out down to the last detail. We keep our promises and commitments and always take responsibility, even when things go wrong.


We believe that a positive, entrepreneurial and proud attitude is very important, and like to combine this with plenty of fun in the workplace. Passionate people make the difference.

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We keep our customers up-to-date through our BKM Update.