Recent innovations such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence have given rise to a new industrial revolution. Such solutions have become a coveted driver of this Industry 4.0, and that’s something cybercriminals are acutely aware of. As a result, cybersecurity is a top priority. We discussed the issue with Philippe Foucart of the Technord group, which has evolved from an industrial electricity supplier to an integrator of Industry 4.0 and AI solutions.

IT security: anytime, anywhere

“Due to the nature of our activities, cybersecurity plays a key role in our company,” says Philippe Foucart. “Every one of our solutions implements an all-encompassing security approach for the customer.” At Technord, IT security is central to the company’s operations. Discover their full story in our video.

Technord on cybersecurity

Testimonial from an IT security expert

Industrial innovations have great monetary value and are therefore extremely valuable to cybercriminals. However, this doesn’t mean that SMEs in other sectors are not at risk. “It is true that no company or industry is safe from cybercriminals these days,” says Aubrey Beelen, Product Manager at BKM-Orange. “It is a good idea for companies to have their IT security put to the test and to fix any weak spots in their defences. It is also essential to boost employee awareness, as people often remain the weakest link.”