The Van Mossel Automotive Group (VMAG) is the leading automotive retailer in the Benelux and has been active in the sector for nearly 75 years. The company has more than 4,800 employees and 330 branches. VMAG owns various dealerships representing almost all major car brands and also has a comprehensive network of bodyshops and leasing companies under its wing.

Why Mitel and BKM-Orange?

The partnership between Mitel and the Belgian arm of VMAG came from two directions: successful experience in the Netherlands and the recent acquisition of locations in Belgium that were already using Mitel solutions.

VMAG started looking for a new communications platform that could support its operations over the long term, with a focus on implementing a contact centre for customers. In 2019, based on the strength of Mitel solutions and its existing clientele, VMAG officially appointed Mitel as its sole provider for business communications with the help of ICT integrator BKM-Orange.

As a Platinum partner of Mitel, BKM-Orange has extensive experience with Mitel's technology and contact centres. VMAG and BKM-Orange also have a shared history. BKM-Orange first had contact with the group's management as long ago as the mid-2000s. To this day, BKM-Orange is still the trusted advisor for all solutions around unified communications and collaboration within VMAG in Belgium.

They offer the group a complete package of managed services, with dedicated project managers and engineers launching new projects and adapting them as needed.


After consulting the teams from Mitel and BKM-Orange, VMAG Belgium decided that a redundant MiVoice Business solution combined with the MiContact Center solution could provide the flexibility, security and scalability of a private cloud solution in a single communications environment. Up to 60 locations and 400 users are now connected to the MiVoice Business solution, and more than 120 customer-facing employees from various VMAG leasing companies are using the MiContact Centre solution.

This allows them to streamline the communication process by cleverly organising conversations and incoming media, such as text messages and photos, and quickly routing them to the right company, car brand and employee.

"The success of the partnership between VMAG, Mitel and BKM­Orange is the result of an A to Z approach with a complete package of managed services."

Erwin Custers, Business Development Manager, BKM-Orange

Attention was also paid to employee mobility within VMAG. The introduction of unified communications offers employees more flexibility to work remotely. With the MiCollab application, users have everything they need in one place. They no longer have to switch between multiple apps as they have a single application for voice, video, messaging, meetings, audio conferencing, mobility and team collaboration. A mobile solution based on Mitel DECT telephones has been installed at each location, allowing employees in the garage to make internal calls without having to sit at a desk or in an office.

With Mitel's various solutions, VMAG can offer its customers a direct and complete response. Whether the customer gets in touch about a new car, a repair, a lease or a tyre change, integration of the Mitel MiVoice Business and MiContact Center platforms delivers performance and business continuity. VMAG continues to grow rapidly, hence it is necessary to implement solutions in different locations quickly. The telephony solution will soon be moved to a data centre in Brussels and Antwerp. Activating new users and new workflows will then become even faster and easier.

"Following implementation of the Mitel project, cooperation with BKM-Orange is running smoothly. Because the comprehensive Mitel solution delivers on all fronts, we can make quick updates and adjustments where necessary through weekly consultations between our IT Operations Manager and BKM-Orange's project manager."

Koen Claessen, CEO Van Mossel Automotive Groep België

At a glance


  • Fast growing company
  • Different and outdated telephone systems


  • Mitel SIP DECT
  • MiVoice Business
  • MiContact Center
  • MiCollab


  • Improved customer and user experience
  • Simplified communication processes
  • Greater flexibility and mobility for employees thanks to unified communications
  • More efficient business processes thanks to centralised systems