Cloud back-up Office 365

Did you know that Office 365 does not provide back-up for your emails and data? Although Office 365 is a highly functional platform, there are only a limited number of possibilities for recovering deleted data. Microsoft even indicates in the conditions of use that you must use a solution from a third party of your choice.

Our Care Cloud back-up solution enables you to safeguard all your critical data, flexibly, without capital expenditure, on a flexible licence basis with a fixed price per user per month. In return for this you get unlimited storage and retention for your data.

Not just email

The fact that Exchange online is so easy to use is no longer the only reason why businesses choose Office 365. Thanks to collaboration tools such as Sharepoint and tools for data storage such as OneDrive, we see businesses making ever greater use of all the useful functions and applications available on the O365 platform.

One of the consequences of this is that users more and more frequently keep important documents and data within these applications. So it is essential to perform a daily back-up of all other data that are important for your organisation. In the event of loss or of a cyber incident we are ready to restore the data quickly and simply.

Ransomware in the cloud

The risk of data loss as a result of malware or ransomware also extends to the cloud. A user’s infected device in the office, or a home user, can encrypt an entire OneDrive or Sharepoint site. An account takeover can also cause considerable damage to Office 365 data. Restoring large volumes of data is a laborious, time-consuming task that it is often impossible to perform with the standard tools in an Office 365 environment.

Here too we can help you with our Care Cloud Back-up by restoring an entire Sharepoint site or OneDrive folder in a few simple steps, including the recovery of individual files and emails.

Don’t take any risks! Get reliable back-up of all your data in the cloud.

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