Cloud back-up (virtual) servers

Problems of any kind with the IT infrastructure are a nightmare for any business. Just think of ransomware attacks for example. Or fire, lightning strike or water damage. At times like these, local back-up may not be enough; locally stored data is often lost due to external factors over which you may have no control.

The possible consequences of lost data are almost limitless. So don’t wait for things to go wrong - be prepared!

With our solution we ensure fast restoration of your critical data, devices and applications by migrating your back-up files (both physically and virtually) to the cloud. And all this without the costs and complexity of constructing and maintaining your own off-site back-up infrastructure.

BKM-Orange sees to it that your data is backed up and stored completely, fast, safely and integrally.

  • Your critical data is backed up off-site to a hosted cloud environment via an SSL connection.
  • We can recover your data to object and file level.
  • Possibilities include WAN optimisation, continuous incremental back-ups, GFS (Grandfather-Father-Son) retention policies, etc.
  • End-to-end encryption: by encrypting all data you can safely send it to the cloud environment.