E-mail Security Service

E-mail Security Service​​

The BKM-Orange Email Security Service encompasses all the necessary functions for offering protection against incoming malware, spam, phishing and DoS attacks. Emails can be blocked, placed in quarantine, tagged or delivered on the basis of your organisation’s IT policy.

Main features

  • Anti-spam | The algorithms and methods used are the most widely used and advanced in the industry for detecting and filtering spam, which results in the lowest percentage of false positives.
  • Anti-virus | By making use of a three-layer virus blocking system, decompression of files and blocking of certain file types, the three anti-virus engines that we use offer complete virus protection.
  • Anti-spoofing | This technology prevents the use of false source addresses for undesired emails. The anti-spoofing function also enables large organisations to provide a list of IP addresses that are allowed to have a source address within the organisation in support of several sites and several email servers.
  • Anti-spyware | All attachments are scanned and all spyware executable files are immediately detected and eliminated.
  • ATP | All attachments are scanned for advanced malware, zero-day exploits and targeted attacks. The ATP service analyses incoming email attachments in a separate, secure cloud environment, detects new threats and determines whether the messages need to be blocked.
  • Link protection | Rewrites misleading URLs in email messages to safe URLs or rewrites misspelt URLs to correct domain names, so that the user visits the correct website.