23/09 | Webinar | Discover our voice, collaboration & customer experience...All integrated into one single secure UC platform.

We bring your organization a complete communication, collaboration and customer experience solution in a simple subscription offer. Ensuring your employees can not only call, chat & video securely, but vitally in today's new way of working, feel connected to provide the best level of customer service regardless of whether they are sat next to each other in the office or remotely at home.

► SIMPLICITY | voice, collaboration, video & customer experience via subscription

► FLEXIBILITY | on premise, public or private cloud deployment options

► BUDGET | reduce upfront costs and make budgeting predictable

► USER LEVELS | enable your employees to have the tools they need for their specific role

Martin Bitzinger, Group Vice President Product Management Mitel, will explain how to simplify the way you communicate during our webinar on Thursday September 23 at 9h30.



12/10 | Webinar | How to create a seamless integration between your PABX and Microsoft Teams

Are you working in your home, hub or headquarter? Regardless of your location, communication with customers and employees is the key element to customer satisfaction.

Whether you have a PBX at your office (on premise) or a solution in the cloud, know that you can integrate it very easily with Microsoft Teams for an optimal collaboration regardless of your location.

In addition, you can also easily initiate calls in Microsoft Teams to all landline and mobile numbers. Keep Microsoft Teams as your collaboration tool, but combine it now with all the call features of your current telephony system such as transferring calls, voicemail, hunt groups, call pick up and auto attendant.

Diederik Beckers, Product Development Manager ICT Collaboration at BKM-Orange, will explain how a seamless integration between your PABX and Microsoft Teams makes your employees more productive and collaborate better.




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