Managed Print Services

With our Managed Print Services we take over the entire management of your printers and MFPs so that you don’t need to think about it

Managed Print Services

With our BKM-Orange Managed Print Services we relieve you entirely of all the worries about the management of your printers and MFPs so that you can focus on the things that are really important for your business. Automatic alerts are received and processed by us so that we can take action on your behalf.

Comprehensive technical support

If your equipment needs maintenance, we send a professional engineer to make sure you can use your equipment optimally again as soon as possible. This service includes all spare parts, labour and consumables. So you avoid unexpected or extra costs.

Automatic delivery of toners

We receive automatic reports from our machines telling us when they need toners. These are automatically processed and forwarded to our logistics centre on the same day. The following day they are processed and the toner is sent to you without your having to do anything.

Automatic meter reading

Done by means of sending meter readings or passing them on by telephone. Here too we take charge of everything. Meter readings are taken automatically and forwarded, so you do not have to report them every month.

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