13 December 2022

Customer details must be securely protected for privacy reasons, and this certainly applies to hospitals. They, too, are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. In the US there is a thriving trade in patient files on the illegal market. Brussels’ Europe Hospitals do everything in their power to avoid such scenarios. Discover how they are able to protect their confidential data and that of their patients.

IT security: continuously on alert

The Europe Hospitals are a group of hospitals in the Brussels periphery. They are fully committed to digitalisation, but that also means they need highly effective IT security. The security architect is constantly scanning potential hazards and adapts the cyber shield when necessary. Discover the full story in our video.

Testimonial from an IT security expert

“It is true that no company or industry is safe from cybercriminals these days,” says Aubrey Beelen, Product Manager at BKM-Orange. Within the scope of GDPR, hospitals are required by the government to appoint an IT expert who is responsible for data protection. For many SMEs this is not a necessity but they, too, should not underestimate the importance of effective cybersecurity. “It is a good idea for companies to have their IT security put to the test and to fix any weak spots in their defences. Boosting employee awareness is also essential, as people often remain the weakest link,” Beelen adds.

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