25 November 2022

One of the achievements of the coronapanda is that hybrid working, alternating between office and home work, is well established. Both employer and employee are convinced that it increases efficiency and contributes to a better work-life balance. But challenges remain. Garage group Mazuin and technology company Teamleader testify about this on Channel Z. Orange is ready with advice and assistance to help implement hybrid working.

The digitization of SMEs has taken off in recent years. Vincent Desmarets of Orange Belgium knows that a lot has been invested in technology in order to organize home working properly: "The rise of hybrid working has for example proved to be an enabler for cloud applications. Companies that want to organize their teams in a high-performance way need easy access to all applications. An additional advantage of moving to the cloud is that your systems are always up-to-date and you are better protected against cyber attacks."

"Thanks to moving to the cloud, you are better protected against cyber attacks."

Vincent Desmarets B2B Product Manager Orange Belgium

BKM-Orange, Orange Belgium's ICT integrator, facilitates the implementation of hybrid working. "As a company, you want your employees from anywhere to be able to do their work efficiently and stay in touch with both the company and their colleagues," states Diederik Beckers. "This is about everything that enables interaction, ranging from a telephone system and headsets to collaboration tools and digital whiteboards. We try to integrate new functionalities into existing structures and where possible we build in niche market tools, such as a chatbot and underlying call center in Teams."

"Specifically, our solutions architects are mapping the specific needs around hybrid working. We also perform an audit of the existing infrastructure. This allows us to adapt it to an ideal situation. For example, think about strength of connectivity, which is often strengthened to make the chosen solutions run smoothly. Based on all that, we then work out a specific design for the project," said Diederik Beckers.

"We are also looking at connectivity to make the chosen solution run smoothly."

Diederik Beckers - Product Development Manager Collaboration BKM-Orange

This customized approach is available to all companies, including smaller organizations. Vincent Desmarets: "Because in practice every tool has to be integrated into the existing operation of a company, a customized approach is advantageous for everyone. I am thinking, for example, of linking the CRM system with the telephone switchboard. So hybrid working is always an omnichallenge story. Not least because in addition to the technological, the human factor is also crucial. That has perhaps been forgotten a bit too often in recent years."