14 March 2023

But did you know that 70% of business owners are not aware of the digital assets their company urgently needs? This means that in today's cyber environment, many vulnerabilities are overlooked, things that even the average IT partner may not provide or be able to provide.

Imagine this: the files of your company, with more than 20 employees, are unexpectedly hacked and encrypted. Your network is down, critical business information is exposed, and under the circumstances, you cannot operate for days. Aha, let's just rely on our backup! But wait, no one told you that you needed a backup?

That's different with BKM-Orange. As your one-stop-shop for everything related to connectivity and networks, you can trust that we leave nothing to chance. With our care services and more than 25 years of experience, we strive to be your trusted advisor, so that you never need external parties.

From cloud-based applications to dual-factor authentication and beyond, with BKM-Orange, you can count on long-term solutions. We identify the pain points of your unique business and personally analyze how we can solve them with a customized, quality package that grows with your business.

As a trusted advisor, we value a sustainable relationship with our customers. You will always be assisted by the same person who handles your file. We also offer the comfort of an in-house helpdesk afterwards, where you can contact us with your questions at any time. Because with us, it's truly an all-in-concept!

Do you want your business to always be reachable in a secure way? Even when your internet goes down, you don't want to use your 4G, and you have no backup to rely on? Then we would like to get to know you better and see during a non-binding appointment what we can do for you. We translate your business into a modern technology solution that is truly worth it. See you soon!