15 June 2023

Improving Your Sales Strategically Through Video Cameras

Specifically, with our hardware, you can influence your sales results by smartly adapting to the location of your store or business. This includes both the internal layout of your premises and its geographic location. And that's where BKM-Orange's innovative and, above all, video cameras come into play, for which we consistently rely on our partner, Cisco Meraki.

How does it work exactly? With Cisco's hardware, for example, you can quickly and efficiently conduct thorough visitor analysis in a massive shopping center, allowing you to identify the busiest and, therefore, prime spots to open a store. The sensors and video cameras flawlessly detect which areas attract customers the most and where they linger the longest.

Create More Sales Opportunities

By then dedicating extra attention to these precise locations and strategically arranging them, you can convert the piqued interest of potential customers into effective conversions. In other words, you create more sales opportunities and can adapt your interior or location over time to cater to changing customer needs.

Using Hardware as an Asset for Your Retail Business with BKM-Orange

Another way we leverage our hardware as an asset for your retail business is by installing temperature sensors that analyze humidity levels. This is crucial for maintaining a pleasant indoor climate in your store. Or how about video surveillance cameras that capture sharp images of what happens in your shop?

Recently, we assisted a press shop with its technological setup. The end result? All prices in the shop could be dynamically and automatically adjusted with a simple click in an application, right from an intuitive dashboard. This exclusive capability is made possible by the Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Access Points from Cisco Meraki, which we wirelessly connect to the labels and is not offered by other vendors.

At BKM-Orange, we offer you the opportunity to boost your retail business

The combination of Cisco Meraki's hardware and the tailored solutions provided by BKM-Orange offers numerous exclusive and functional possibilities to boost your retail business and improve your numbers. Your company has the opportunity to consolidate a comprehensive infrastructure within a single, fully cloud-based platform, which is a significant advantage in today's business landscape.

Curious about the added value our solutions can provide for you as a retailer? Feel free to contact us today for a non-obligatory conversation, and we will be more than happy to provide you with the necessary information. You are more than welcome!