17 November 2022

Through our BKM-Orange VoIP assessment, you'll find out whether your network can guarantee sufficient bandwidth and optimal call quality for your VoIP platform to perform optimally. Poor call quality can quickly result in frustrated employees, dissatisfied customers and lost revenue.

With our BKM-Orange VoIP assessment we simulate a number of VoIP calls and check the quality of your existing Internet connection based on a number of variable parameters such as available bandwidth, jitter, latency and packet loss. These are the variables that strongly influence the quality and reliability of your connectivity. After all, the more simultaneous calls you want to make, the more bandwidth you need. But speed and accuracy are also crucial. After all, jitter, packet loss and latency can result in substandard call quality.

For the most accurate results, you need to be connected to the landline network. Choose your telephony platform, select the number of simultaneous calls you wish to make and start the assessment.