Take the BKM-Orange VoIP assessment


With our BKM-Orange VoIP assessment, you can learn whether your network has the bandwidth needed and can guarantee optimal voice quality to allow you to get the most from your VoIP platform. Poor voice quality can quickly lead to frustrated employees, unhappy customers and lost income. 

With our BKM-Orange VoIP assessment, we simulate a number of VoIP calls and check the quality of your internet connection using several variable parameters, including available bandwidth, jitter, latency and packet loss. These variables all affect the quality and reliability of your connectivity. The more calls that you intend to conduct at the same time, the more bandwidth you need. Speed and accuracy are also important, and jitter, packet loss and latency can all contribute to substandard call quality. 

For the most accurate results, you need to be connected to the landline network. Choose your telephony platform, select the number of simultaneous calls that you wish to conduct and start the assessment. 

take the bkm-orange voip assessment




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