24 January 2023

Is your company data adequately secured? If we were to ask you this question, chances are you would answer a resounding "yes. After all, you have antivirus software. Yet we dare say that the digital security of your company could be much better.

90% of companies today think they are happy with a standard security package. This has a lot to do with its budget-friendliness, and understandably so: after all, why set aside more budget for thorough security when you've never been hacked with a basic package?

The answer is simple: the consequences are incalculable when the hackers get their hands on your company. Panic flares and it is grandiose too late for action. Damage control is the only option. So let's rephrase our question: how much budget do you see going up in smoke when your business is not productive?

Suppose your company has 40 employees. They are unable to work for two working days because of a hacking incident. Then you realize no turnover for two days and countless overtime hours are needed to get your company up and running again. Painful, but you take your losses and move on. You get off fairly cheaply. Because hackers are merciless and encrypt your business data. They only release it again after you put bitcoins, good for thousands of dollars, on the digital table. Getting your company up and running again is then a lot less obvious. Not to mention the consequences.

It won't happen to me, you may think. Maybe not next week, possibly not next month, and who knows, maybe not even this year. But sooner or later hackers always find the leak in your network environment. If only I had, you will think.

Do you and your company want to reduce the chance of a breach to an absolute minimum in today's age of hacking and ensure the continuity of your operation? Contact BKM-Orange today for a security scan. We will take a comprehensive look at exactly what solutions you need and give you personal advice tailored to your business.

So let's do this one more time: is your SME's business info adequately secured!?