05 April 2023

2022 was the year in which the number of cyber attacks worldwide reached a new high. Did you just let out a sigh of relief because you haven't experienced any problems in your organization yet? Know that without an adequate ICT strategy, it's only a matter of time, because unfortunately every business is a target for ambitious hackers.

In a world where cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and ruthless, it's important to know who your opponent is. And we've got you covered!

On Tuesday, May 16th at 9:00 am, we are hosting a webinar - together with CrowdStrike's Threat Intelligence Strategist Europe, Stuart Wiggins - in which he will explain the most common threats, events and trends in today's cyber landscape based on the CrowdStrike 2023 Global Threat Report.

It's a must to participate because only when you know what's coming your way can you anticipate it and steer your ICT strategy in the right direction.

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See you then!

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