Unified Communication & Collaboration solutions

Smooth and efficient communication between colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners is very important for any business. Within our portfolio of Unified Communications & Collaboration solutions we offer you a wide range of possibilities, both cloud, on-premise and hybrid.

Communication with staff, customers, suppliers and partners uses the most diverse channels. BKM brings all that media - telephone, email, fax, instant messaging, social media, video, document sharing - together for you in one easy-to-use interface. Through Unified Communications, BKM ensures that you remain accessible at the times and through the channels that you choose.

Nowadays, we cannot imagine our world without cloud. Traditional software is increasingly being exchanged for virtual variants and data is stored online instead of on local servers. This usually leads to a significant cost saving and simple management for the IT department.

When you contact a company by phone, it is perfectly normal to be put on hold for a few moments. Use those few moments to welcome your customers professionally, even if no one is available at that moment. Choose a good text, the right background music or a professional voice. Whatever you prefer, we have the tools to provide a professional welcome or hold message.


The new way of working is especially "Smart, Efficient and Effective."

At BKM, mobility and flexibility go hand-in-hand. The way in which we communicate with each other has dramatically changed in recent years. It even has its own term: The New Way of Working.

When customers, suppliers or partners contact your business, you want to contact them in the fastest way possible, through the most appropriate communication channel and via the best qualified employee. By implementing a Customer Interaction Centre, also known as a contact centre, we completely fulfil this need and you realise a double advantage.

The days when every employee had his or her own desk in the office are a thing of the past. Nowadays we works in open areas and use flex desks. Each morning, everyone chooses their workplace for the day. Mobility within the office has become the norm. BKM-Orange offers a wide range of options to become wireless in the office. Think of DECT, SIP DECT, Voice Over Wi-Fi, etc.