Cloud Communication

Nowadays, we cannot imagine our world without cloud. Traditional software is increasingly being exchanged for virtual variants and data is stored online instead of on local servers. This usually leads to a significant cost saving and simple management for the IT department.

Cloud Computing

Cloud communication is actually a form of cloud computing. You will have access to a service that is operating 'in the cloud'. This will give you all the functionalities of a Unified Communications & Collaboration platform, without having to provide the infrastructure yourself. You can make telephone calls via the internet using a phone app.

Public Cloud of Private Cloud

We distinguish 2 forms of cloud communication. On the one hand, there is a public cloud, whereby 1 central cloud platform is housed in a data centre that provides telecom and Unified Communications & Collaboration functionalities via Internet access to various companies and end-users on the basis of licences. On the other hand, your business can opt for a private cloud solution, whereby a cloud infrastructure is created for your own environment. This can possibly be virtualised or housed on-premise in a data centre.

BKM Cloud Communication

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