Customer Interaction Center

When customers, suppliers or partners contact your business, you want to contact them in the fastest way possible, through the most appropriate communication channel and via the best qualified employee. By implementing a Customer Interaction Centre, also known as a contact centre, we completely fulfil this need and you realise a double advantage.

Optimising customer satisfaction

You create the ultimate customer experience, while optimising the available people and resources at the same time.. Furthermore, extensive reporting provides you with a clear overview of the number of answered and missed calls, the level and speed of service-provision, staff performance, and so on. This is information that allows you optimise the service of your contact centre - and therefore increase customer satisfaction. Because of the strategic role a contact centre plays, your business has the opportunity to optimise customer satisfaction, to increase sales, to reach new customers and to reduce operating costs. BKM can offer you a wide range of creative solutions regarding multimedia contact centres tailored to your needs and wishes.

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