Mobility @ the office

The days when every employee had his or her own desk in the office are a thing of the past. Nowadays we works in open areas and use flex desks. Each morning, everyone chooses their workplace for the day. Mobility within the office has become the norm. BKM-Orange offers a wide range of options to become wireless in the office. Think of DECT, SIP DECT, Voice Over Wi-Fi, etc.


Do you move around the company and often change location, or do you make regular trips to the warehouse, etc. but still need to reached? In that case, we would like to introduce you to DECT technology. Thanks to a DECT or SIP DECT solution, you are always accessible via a mobile phone within your company - the range is unlimited - together with all the functionalities of your telephone system on your mobile phone.


When we talk about Wi-Fi, you are probably thinking of data traffic.

Voice over Wi-Fi is still a fairly new communication technology, but we see a strong upward trend, even within companies. It works as follows: the voice data is placed in IP packets and transferred across the wireless data network to the telephone system. In this case, the carrier is a Wi-Fi system with access points as aerials. It works with Wi-Fi-only phones as well as smart phones. The special advantage of VoWiFi is that it can make use of the data infrastructure. There is no need for separate antennas for the telephony network and the data network: everything uses the same hardware. By using VLANs and even separate Wi-Fi networks, it is possible to keep both software separate, thus ensuring optimal manageability.

In summary, you have the benefits of making your telephone calls over the Internet (VoIP) and the benefits of wireless telephony.

Do you want to know how this solution can improve the working of your organization?

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