New Way of Working

The new way of working is especially "Smart, Efficient and Effective."

At BKM, mobility and flexibility go hand-in-hand. The way in which we communicate with each other has dramatically changed in recent years. It even has its own term: The New Way of Working.

For many people, this new way of working means being able to login to the company network any time, anywhere and then use mail, documents and tools. The ease-of-use of smart phones and tablets accelerates this new development. You trusts that you can be contacted, irrespective of the place where you are located and regardless of the device at hand. Therefore, BKM also offers the functionality of Unified Communications & Collaboration to mobile users. Never again will you miss any communication with colleagues, customers or suppliers when you are on the road, with a customer or at home. We transfer messages through channels such as e-mail, voicemail, SMS or instant messaging together in one mailbox. Additionally, you can also choose a single number on which you can always be contacted. Moreover, you determine when, by whom and how you can be contacted.

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