Communication with staff, customers, suppliers and partners uses the most diverse channels. BKM brings all that media - telephone, email, fax, instant messaging, social media, video, document sharing - together for you in one easy-to-use interface. Through Unified Communications, BKM ensures that you remain accessible at the times and through the channels that you choose.

Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools are applications that allow you to work with others more efficiently. These include tools for presence management, web collaboration and video conferencing. Using these solutions allows you to spend your time more efficiently. Fewer journeys result in time and cost savings. Your ecological footprint will reduce significantly.

Unified Communication & Information

Collaboration and communication are of paramount importance to reach your customers, colleagues, suppliers or other contacts faster and more efficiently; that is why it is also important that you can use document sharing via our tools, leading us on to Unified Communication & Information. Other solutions such as click-to-dial, Presence Based Routing, CRM integration, Business Intelligence reports, etc. are solutions that ensure you can provide your customer with a better service. They increase the efficiency and productivity of your business, reduce the complexity of your communication tools and at the same time, allow you to reduce costs. Furthermore, we can take responsibility for the entire management and maintenance of your communications infrastructure, so you can focus on your core activities.

why choose UCC? 

More productivity

Your employees can quickly and easily set up collaboration sessions or log into a session. Regardless of whether this is planned in advance or set up ad hoc. Individuals and workgroups (internal and external) can meet, share ideas and work on joint projects. Collaboration between, and productivity of, employees will increase by making communication easy, managing workflows, and being able to use all types of media and devices.

Good reachability

Communication is now much more than the phone on your desk. Good reachability means that you have an immediate answer to your phone calls, e-mail or chat. For this, your employees work together online, from home, at work or on the road.

Cost savings

Allow your employees to communicate more easily, thereby reducing travel time and costs and increasing your productivity.

Easy implementation and management

With Unified Communications, your IT administrators can manage all of your organisation's collaboration tools through a single, easy-to-use web interface. The function-based templates simplify the addition of new users and applications, allowing the entire solution to be handled from the active directory.



Unified Communication & Collaboration

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