Welcome to a mobile world

One thing is for sure: mobile telephones have a major impact on our daily life and they are here to stay.

Main trends

  • Mobile data usage will grow exponentially in the coming years. In 2023 video will account for approximately 73% of mobile data traffic.
  • The legislation on roaming leads to peace of mind. At least 86% of users wish to be able to go abroad without worries.
  • Safe mobile traffic is a priority. At least 86% of business e-mails are read on mobile devices, but this also leads to an increase in security violations.

The advantages for your business

Thanks to the convergence of the fixed and mobile services on the Orange network, 4G is not only useful on the go - it can also benefit your company site. Whether as a replacement or backup for your fixed connection, 4G offers important benefits.


The speed of the 4G network approaches that of a fixed VDSL connection: up to 30 Mbps downstream and 16 Mbps upstream. Latency is also very low, so even applications such as VoIP are possible with 4G. In short, you can’t tell in practice whether you’re using a fixed or mobile connection.


A fixed network is very reliable, but is sometimes unavoidably affected by issues such as cable breakages or power failures. In that case, 4G backup offers a second, independent connection to the Orange network. In case of any connection problems, your network will automatically switch to the 4G network. Orange will supply 4G backup with a second router connected to your primary router with HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol). With the HSRP protocol, both routers share an IP and MAC address and constantly alternate their status. The 4G router will take over responsibility from the primary router as soon as the latter has no connection. Once the connection issue has been resolved, the 4G router will break off the mobile connection and the network traffic will revert to using the fixed connection.

Fast installation

If you want to create a new fixed connection, the actual physical works involved may delay delivery. In such case, a temporary 4G connection offers you a fast, reliable alternative.


Orange Belgium provides the 4G connections for your sites with a shielded Access Point Name (APN). Other mobile network users have no access, and furthermore the 4G connections do not use the public internet.