Network architecture as an essential part of the digital transformation

When we speak of digital transformation we refer first and foremost to the technologies that make business processes more efficient, more customer-oriented and more innovative. Network architecture is often referred to only in passing or not at all. Quite wrongly, since it constitutes an essential condition for the success of the transformation. New digital technologies come with extra network demands. Today’s users expect devices, applications and documents to be available always and everywhere, while the number of cyberattacks is constantly on the rise. Smart apps, more devices connected online and off-line, huge volumes of data traffic, more and more users and numerous access points require extremely high-performance networks.

Today’s network landscape: a complex reality

What challenges are businesses currently struggling with?

  • Networks are difficult to manage: the multiplicity of devices, apps, locations and user policies makes the network very difficult to manage and almost unscalable.
  • Security is more and more of a headache: network technology evolves and hackers are quick to follow suit. The more complex the network, the more difficult it is to secure.
  • Troubleshooting is challenging: IT cannot resolve problems that it cannot replicate or see in real time. As a result, problems can drag on.

Flexibility, scalability and control with SD-LAN

A network must be able to respond quickly and efficiently to changing circumstances and continuously adapt to the needs of the organisation and users. An optimal network infrastructure makes it possible to cater to new capacity requirements without problems. Are you opening a new subsidiary, or moving to another location? If so, you must be able to expand or scale back your network in a very short time.

The most important characteristics of good network connectivity?

  • High-performance: a powerful connection providing fast, almost immediate access to all your data
  • Reliable: guaranteed connectivity
  • Cost-efficient: a flexible network that allows you to save costs

Time to get ready for SD-LAN!

The LAN has grown into the access point for the IT infrastructure. The number of connected devices and the quantity of data that businesses process is increasing exponentially, as are calls for extra security. SD-LAN projects itself as the future standard for LAN, now that more and more services are moving to the cloud.

SD-LAN offers safe access, anywhere, any time and on any device.

How to build your local network

Use the potential of SD-LAN to bring the processes and the IT services of your business closer together, with the aim of:

  • having a scalable umbrella architecture over all wired, wireless and WAN networks;
  • having an overview from start to finish, with constant possibilities for learning and improving performance and security;
  • maintaining network security at a constantly high level;
  • introducing a far-reaching form of automation to adapt business processes proportionally and simplify them.