Telephone exchanges help to ensure that you remain in contact with your customers and employers, whether you’re working in the office or at home. 80 per cent of all business communication still takes place over the phone. But how can you best combine this with employees who increasingly work from home? And what tools do you need to ensure that your employees can work seamlessly, both with one another and with customers, irrespective of where they are? Cloud telephony offers a solution!

A bespoke telephone exchange

With a virtual telephone exchange, everything is migrated to the cloud – there’s no need for fixed lines or physical infrastructure. All devices, including landline and mobile phones, computers, smartphones, DECT phones, etc., are merged into a single large communication network. In addition, a simple configuration system can be used to adapt the exchange to the needs and size of any business.

A single, fixed number

Work is increasingly flexible. 57 per cent of businesses in Belgium allow their employees some amount of homeworking, while an average of 80 per cent of employees work according to the ‘flexdesk’ principle. At the same time, customers still expect to be able to reach your employees on the telephone number that they are familiar with. With cloud telephony, your employees can easily connect their landline, computer or smartphone to the virtual telephone exchange, allowing them to be reached on the same telephone number wherever they are.

Optimal availability

Did you know that 85 per cent of people won’t call a second time if their first call goes unanswered? Customers expect an immediate response. A missed call can quickly mean that your business suffers reduced turnover. The flexibility offered by cloud telephony helps to ensure that your employees never miss a call. Calls to their landline are forwarded to the correct telephony device, computer or smartphone. Consequently, your employees will always be able to reach someone, no matter where they are located.

Collaborate efficiently, even remotely

Cloud telephony offers a wide range of functionalities to enable efficient collaboration. A group chat with your colleagues for a quick consultation? Collaborate via your smartphone while on the go? Conference calls with a professional tool? Switch devices in the middle of a call? All of this is possible with cloud telephony.

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