The way in which customers contact businesses has changed considerably. It’s important that your business responds in the appropriate way so that you can maintain a favourable customer experience.

  • 58 per cent contact businesses via chat
  • 38 per cent contact businesses via SMS
  • 74 per cent use three or more channels
  • 76 per cent prefer self-service web portals

To meet customers’ preferences, you can opt for an omnichannel strategy, allowing your employees to switch seamlessly between telephone calls, e-mail, SMS, web chat and social media. That way, you’ll be ready when your customers get in touch via the channel that they choose and will be able to work more pro-actively towards an improved customer experience.

A contact centre is a key component of any omnichannel strategy. Our contact centre solutions are highly advanced and offer precisely what you need within your omnichannel strategy:

  • Incoming, outgoing and self-service routing of all digital media
  • Unified agent desktop application
  • Webchat
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Omnichannel routing

Exceed your customers’ expectations

Retain customers and attract new ones by giving them the freedom to contact you using the device and medium of their choice.

Measure and manage effectiveness

Reporting tools for measuring productivity and management tools for improving effectiveness.

Achieve success

Boost customer satisfaction, reduce friction and improve your web conversion scores.

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