• Cloud back-up Office 365

    Did you know that Office 365 doesn’t back up your emails and data? Although Office 365 is a highly functional platform, there are only a limited number of possibilities for recovering deleted data. Microsoft even indicates in the conditions of use that you must use a solution from a third party of your choice.
  • Cloud back-up (virtual) servers

    If your business and your critical data are compromised, for example by a ransomware attack, a local back-up may not be sufficient. Our solution ensures fast restoration of your critical data, devices and applications by migrating your back-up files (both physically and virtually) to the cloud.

  • E-mail Security Service

    The BKM-Orange Email Security Service offers full protection against incoming malware, spam, phishing and other cyberattacks. This managed anti-spam service ensures that emails can be blocked, placed in quarantine, tagged or delivered on the basis of your organisation’s policy.