BKM ensures accessibility and reliability at Ambrogio

Beste klant,

Hexacom zette het jaar 2016 in met een belangrijke aankondiging: Hexacom wordt overgenomen door BKM. De drijfveren voor het samengaan van de twee sectorgenoten waren van strategische aard. De telecom- en IT markt is de laatste jaren onderhevig aan een consolidatie, en deze trend zet zich door. Schaalvergroting is een conditio sine qua non voor verdere groei en om u als klant optimaal te kunnen blijven bedienen met nieuwe oplossingen en de gepaste technologische ondersteuning. BKM en Hexacom dekken door deze fusie de hele Belgische markt af met kantoren in Hasselt, Steenokkerzeel en Gent. 170 gespecialiseerde medewerkers bedienen samen zo’n 16.000 klanten uit diverse sectoren.

New company, rich history

Vanaf 1 april 2017 nemen we dus een nieuwe start, maar de expertise en de kwaliteit die u van ons kent, blijven. Hetzelfde sterke team van ervaren, gespecialiseerde medewerkers blijft u ondersteunen en uw vertrouwde contactpersoon blijft dezelfde. Het blijft onze topprioriteit om u kwalitatieve oplossingen aan te bieden die perfect beantwoorden aan uw ICT behoeften.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Bart Soetaers
Managing Director BKM-Hexacom


For Ambrogio, efficient transportation relies on safety, timing and costs. The same applies to the IT environment of the company. To ensure continuity, Ambrogio works together closely with BKM. The company implemented a VoIP platform and is responsible for the security of the network.


Ambrogio specialises in intermodal transportation. From the start of the company in 1957, it was clear to the founder Domenico Ambrogio that efficient long-distance transport relies on three pillars: safety, timing and costs. In order to achieve the best results in those three elements, Ambrogio's focus for many years has been on intermodal transportation: transport by rail and road. Over the years, Ambrogio has grown into a European player with 300 employees, of whom 47 are in Belgium. The company's headquarters are located in Milan. Ambrogio operates six logistic terminals: two in Italy, two in France, one in Germany and one in Belgium for distribution in the Benelux and shipments towards Britain and Ireland.



Always accessible

To reduce the communication costs between the terminals, Ambrogio had its first experience with Voice over IP. "The telephone costs immediately fell by half", says Managing Director Andrés Ambrogio - grandson of founder Domenico - in the Muizen branch in Mechelen. "Unfortunately, the solution was never really perfect. There were too many problems, lines dropped or were not accessible." However, telephony is a critical business application in the transport sector. "Our customers must be able to reach us at any time. For the various terminals to work well together, it is important that our employees have a reliable communications system." Ambrogio called upon BKM to resolve the problems. BKM migrated Ambrogio - within barely a day - to the Unify OpenScape Business platform.

That solution provides Ambrogio with all the functions and benefits of Unified Communications & Collaboration, from one centrally managed platform. Employees use the cloud to make calls between the different locations. Not only does the company benefit from enormous cost savings, the company can also offer its employees extended UC functionality, for example for conference calls and presence. At the same time, everything remains easily manageable from a web-based tool. "Telephone accessibility is essential for our business continuity", says Andrés Ambrogio. "The stability of the system ensures the reliable VoIP solution that we always wanted." In a next step, Ambrogio is thinking of integrating OpenScape Business with its accounts. "That should support our employees even better, because they will then - of course depending on their role - gain more insight into the history of the customer, outstanding invoices, and so on."

Up-to-date security

The success of the VoIP project made Ambrogio decide to expand its relationship with BKM. "This was due to both expertise and the pleasant working relationship", continues Andrés Ambrogio. The company asked BKM to develop a solution for the security of the network. BKM developed a configuration with new switches, firewalls and security bundles for the protection of all the company's PCs. Central to the solution is WatchGuard APT Blocker. That firewall helps protect against advanced malware and so-called zero-day threats. "Again, this all relates to business continuity. More than ever, companies are the targets of hackers and malware. We are aware of this and thanks to BKM, we have adequate security of our network, servers and applications."

Ambrogio is one of BKM's customers who opted for security via a managed service. "Seeing as we are not the experts, all we can do is protect ourselves as much as possible." The attacks and threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and faster. Ambrogio's first priority is to concentrate on its core activities: organising efficient intermodal transportation for its customers. "Thanks to BKM we know that our security is always up-to-date. Reports keep us informed of any problems that existed - and the solutions that ensure that we never need to interrupt the service we provide to our customers."