BKM helps Anacura to move to their new office building

Ready for continued growth

When a business is bursting at the seams, it is best to move to a new location. Very often it is challenging during a relocation to guarantee continued customer service. However, we managed that perfectly well with Anacura. BKM was responsible for the telephony platform and the DECT and Wi-Fi networks.


Anacura is the new name for the group of companies of entrepreneur Griet Nuytinck. The group brings together four companies and has 220 employees. Labo Nuytinck is a medical laboratory that collects blood samples from doctors, hospitals and care homes, and analyses them in order to provide information about the health of a patient. This is to allow the doctor to diagnose, monitor treatment, to carry out preventive monitoring of a patient or monitor the progression of the illness. Anabiotec is a pharmaceutical laboratory that offers business-to-business services. It tests, for instance, new molecules and formulations for pharmaceutical companies. Pathlicon is a histological laboratory and Eggcentris carries out in-vitro research on the effects of medicines on fertility.


With the introduction of the brand Anacura, the group positions itself as a broad service provider offering specialised expertise in various segments. Anacura also brought the companies literally together in a new building in Evergem. "We are combining the expertise of the various companies and are therefore able to offer a wide range of analytical services to the healthcare sector", says Ineke Verweire, Head of Solution Management of the group. "That puts us in a unique position. We can play a part throughout the whole chain of the health care industry, as we work for all the parties concerned: the patient, the doctor and the diagnostics, the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors."

Uninterrupted service

At the end of August 2014, Anabiotec moved from Zwijnaarde to the new company building in Evergem. Labo Nuytinck, Pathlicon (Evergem) and Eggcentris - that had been located until recently in Anderlecht - had already moved there in June. "We opted for a new-build", explains Ineke Verweire. "That allowed us to perfectly adjust the building to our way of working." It was of vital importance for Anacura that during each relocation - each time a process of about a week - customer service to clients would be uninterrupted. For the telephony part, Anacura relied on its trusted partner BKM. "Of course we wanted to keep the same telephone numbers of our employees. Even during the week of the move, everyone still had to be accessible by phone."

BKM installed a new DECT network in the new building. "Forty antennas were installed. "We have coverage across the five floors of the building and on the terrace. Every employee has their own internal and external phone number." Anacura also uses DECT phones of the type Gigaset SL4. It was important for Anacura that the employees could bring as much of the existing equipment from the former offices to the new building. BKM made sure that also that transition went smoothly. Ineke Verweire: "That was largely due to the thorough preparation of BKM. During week of the move of Labo Nuytinck, we were working in the old building until Saturday evening and on Monday we started work in the new building without a problem. All necessary steps in terms of telephony were carried out by BKM during that one Sunday."


For Anacura, it is important that the group can monitor telephone traffic closely so that it can adjust its management. In the new office building, BKM implemented a solution on the basis of Unify OpenScape Business. Ineke Verweire: "We strive to answer each incoming call within three rings and to transfer it immediately the right person."

Of course, the platform also takes care of the proper routing of the incoming calls. "It is essential that no call is lost. Sometimes it really is a matter of life or death. When a doctor needs information about a certain analysis immediately, we must be able to correctly answer that call immediately. That is the guarantee that we give to our customers." At the same time, the platform can be easily expanded, making it easy to deal with any future expansion of the group.

Secure Wi-Fi networks

In addition, Anacura asked BKM to provide two different, completely separated Wi-Fi networks for the building: one for employees and one for visitors. Ineke Verweire: "As a service provider for the health care and pharmaceutical industry, we must take the necessary safety precautions. This involves a great deal of attention to the protection and security of our data. Our employees work with thin clients via Microsoft Terminal Services. They have access to the data we manage via the Wi-Fi network. The local drive of the employees does not contain business data." The second Wi-Fi network provides internet access to visitors. That network is protected via a separate password. "The success of an easy relocation lies in the preparation of the project", concludes Ineke Verweire. "In that respect, BKM did a perfect job. Our employees were able to get started right away in their new work environment."