Poison Control Centre chooses BKM, because they prefer prevention rather than cure!

"A toddler who has swallowed some detergent. Someone who has taken the wrong dose of medicine or someone who has spilled pesticide in the garden. Those are the kind of cases where the Poison Control Centre is ready to give information and advice. BKM implemented the OpenScape Contact Centre platform of Unify at the Poison Control Centre." Anne Marie Descamps, Administrative Director Poison Control Centre

The Poison Control Centre falls under the scope of the Federal Public Service Public Health. The Centre provides toxicological information 24/7. A team of thirteen doctors - assisted by a pharmacist - answers the calls. The Poison Control Center's website has on average three thousand visitors a day. Urgent calls come in to the centre via the free phone number 070/24 52 45. On average, there are about 140 calls per day or 52,000 calls per year.


"Most of the calls are from the general public", says Anne Marie Descamps, Administrative Director of the Poison Control Centre. "But equally, we receive calls from doctors or aid workers." The Poison Control Centre's job is to give quick and adequate information on the possible severity of poisoning, the likely symptoms and the most appropriate response to the poisoning. So that they can give an answer, the doctors on the phone have access to a large knowledge database on all kinds of medicines, drug, household products chemical industry products, plants and animals, cosmetics, food, etc.

Focus on reliability

The Poison Control Centre took up residence on the site of the military hospital Koningin Astrid in Neder-Over-Heembeek. It turned out that the telephone system needed to be replaced in order to remain compatible with the new versions of Windows. The Poison Control Centre decided to remain loyal to Unity when choosing the new solution. Ultimately, the preferred choice was the OpenScape Contact Centre platform, because it combines the required functionality with an affordable total cost of ownership. BKM was responsible for the implementation and supports the solution with the fast and reliable technical assistance that the Poison Control Centre expects of its telephony partner.

"The most important thing, of course, is that the platform provides us with the necessary reliability", says Anne-Marie Descamps, Administrative Director of the Poison Control Centre. "A call can be of vital  importance, and it is therefore absolutely essential that we never miss a single call." The OpenScape Contact Centre of Unify ensures that calls are placed in an easily managed queue. The calls themselves are recorded by the Poison Control Centre in call sheets.

Focus on practice

During the implementation of the OpenScape Contact Centre, the process of change used by BKM to support the Poison Control Centre's doctors was very important. Anne-Marie Descamps: "The platform was completely new for our doctors, and together with BKM, we paid a lot of attention to that. For that reason, BKM monitored the activities of the team of the Poison Control Centre for a whole night. The actual  software of the OpenScape Contact Centre operates in the server room of the Poison Control Centre, on a virtual server hosted on one of its own machines. During maintenance work, the Poison Control Centre takes specific precautions. François Wuyts: "The telephone number must always be accessible. When maintenance work is carried out on the solution, calls are temporarily transferred via a different channel."

In the first place, the availability of the services of the Poison Control Centre is important to the caller, the patient or the victim. But ultimately, the results of the services have a much broader impact. Anne-Marie Descamps: "Our primary care has a cost saving effect. The doctors tell the caller what the next appropriate step is. Sometimes a visit to the doctor will be enough, whereas the caller may have been thinking of visiting the emergency department of a hospital. By giving the correct guidance via primary care - via the telephone -  we can avoid a great deal of unnecessary stress and medical costs."

For more information please go to: www.antigifcentrum.be – 070/24 52 45


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