Zimmo opts for cloud telecom

Even though Zimmo is mainly an online company, the telephone accessibility of employees remains nonetheless very important. When the company moved to a new office, it was the perfect occasion to switch to BKM Cloud Telecom. Since then, Zimmo has enjoyed all the necessary functionalities of unified communications, without the hassle and costs of an on-premise telephone system.


Spiritus (the company that operates around the two brands: Zimmo and Max-Immo) designs, develops and commercialises online tools for the real estate world. Zimmo is a real estate portal that bundles real estate listings in a user-friendly search engine. Every day, the company skims through three thousand websites, looking for new listings. The results of that search are added by Zimmo to its portal. In eight years time, Zimmo has become the second largest real estate website in Belgium, with more than 2.3 million visitors per month. And the ambition of the company is clear: to ensure continued growth and become Belgium's number one in the sector. In addition to Zimmo, Spiritus also designed Max-Immo. This is a software solution that supports estate agencies in managing customers, properties, contracts, etc. Max-Immo is the market leader in Belgium. Spiritus is located in Leuven and has approximately forty employees.


To fully support the company's growth, it recently moved to a new office. The company took the opportunity to identify its communication needs beforehand. "Our old telephone system fell short in many areas", says Internal Operations Manager, Jan Boesmans. "We especially wanted more flexibility and therefore went looking for a cloud solution." The new office is designed according to the Flex Desk principle. Employees do not have a fixed place. "This means it has to be very easy for them to log in on a landline, so that they are always accessible - through their usual number - regardless of where they are located in the office."

Always accessible

Spiritus compared what was on offer from various suppliers. Ultimately, the company opted for BKM's Cloud Telecom. "The accessibility of our employees is essential", continues Jan Boesmans. "That applies not only to contact with customers and partners or for calls to our helpdesk, but also to easy communication between colleagues." Because of BKM's Cloud Telecom, every Spiritus employee has one personal number. "Via that number, the employee is always accessible: via the landline at the office, but also at home or on the road, using the soft phone or the smart phone App." If the employee is not available - for example because of a meeting, or an earlier call-out - the system allows them to take one or more actions, such as call-forwarding or going to voice mail. Thanks to Cloud Telecom, calls are no longer getting lost.

"In addition, we also wanted a solution that would allow the voice mail settings to be automated", continues Jan Boesmans, "for example for opening hours, lunch break, holidays, and so on." Furthermore, Cloud Telecom allows you to choose which number is displayed for outgoing calls. This protects the direct number of some employees from direct calls. "Cloud Telecom offered the best suitable solution for the functionality that we wanted. In addition, the system is built in such a way that it will be easy in the future to add services or functions to the environment."

Simple management, predictable costs

Spiritus made the conscious decision of opting for a cloud solution. Thanks to BKM's Cloud Telecom,  it wasn't necessary for the company to invest in a traditional telephone system; the necessity of maintenance, acquisition of internal knowledge and the costly interventions of external specialists were also redundant. All that is needed to start using Cloud Telecom is an internet connection, a device (IP telephone, smart phone, soft phone or tablet) and the BKM software application. Via the cloud platform, BKM offers the whole range of unified communications, using not only landline and mobile telephony, but also voice mail, email, fax, instant messaging and presence.

"The big advantage of the cloud model is that you can add new users easily", says Jan Boesmans. "Via the online portal, we can manage what functionalities employees can have access to." Furthermore, behind the scenes BKM is responsible for the necessary protection, including backups and fail-over. This always guarantees accessibility of the employees and their ability to work together. "An additional advantage is that for Cloud Telecom we pay a fixed price per user. That results in a transparent, predictable cost structure of our communication. Thanks to BKM, we never have any surprises in terms of costs.